Coed Fitness Programs

Independent PACE customers have several huge advantages over their franchise competitors. Not only can they format their clubs any way they like, they offer members more durable, superior equipment; it is also adjustable to accommodate increasing levels of fitness of their members so they won't hit a plateau as they do with Curves non-adjustable equipment.

Our PACE equipment can accommodate any fitness level, men as well as women.

Many of our independent customers enjoy the best of both worlds by offering a combination of women only hours during the day and then coed hours in the evening. It is common to see couples working out alongside each other; a quick click of the dial on the cylinder immediately changes the resistance. Let's face it, there are just as many out of shape men out there as women- it makes sense to try to appeal to as much of the population as possible.

"No Time"

While "Intimidation" is probably the #1 reason most people do not join a health club, "No Time" is probably a close #2. In today's fast-paced society, most people do not have 1½ - 2 hours a day to spend in a health club to comply with the daily activity recommendations of the US Surgeon General. PACE combines both cardio & strength workouts into a time-efficient 30 minute program.

Some larger coed clubs feature a PACE room as a "Quickie" workout to fit into busy lifestyles while others use PACE as seniors programs or weight loss programs. Want to attract the 80% of the US population that typically does not join a health club? Get PACE!