Obesity levels in children have more than doubled in the last 10 years to over 15% and over 30% of America's youth are considered overweight.

Factors such as video games, fast food, computer games, TV, cuts in school physical education programs, all contribute to this problem. More than 60% of today's kids do not participate in organized physical activity
outside of school.

Lack of exercise is a likely contributor to the dramatic increase in type II diabetes among American children.

Benefits to Kids:

  • Fast results for positive re-enforcement
  • High calorie burn
  • Fun introduction into fitness lifestyle
  • Increases self esteem & confidence
  • Safely improves fitness levels without muscle soreness, peer pressure or intimidation

Benefits to Facilities:

Kids Pace Express
  • Attract family memberships
  • Additional profit centers
  • Increased community involvement and appreciation
  • Increased potential new memberships
  • Increased member retention

Kids PE™ is Ideal for:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Health Clubs
  • Medical/Weight Loss Facilities
  • Women's Circuit Training Clubs
  • Community/Rec Centers
  • Dance/Gymnastics Centers
  • Martial Arts Centers
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Little League, Soccer, School Teams

Kid's PE™ is a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive fitness program combining strength and cardiovascular exercises in structured, supervised formats.

Kid's PE™ is designed to allow each child to reach his/her optimum fitness level quickly and safely.

Kid's PE™ uses safe hydraulic resistance which accommodates to the fitness level of each child. Hydraulic resistance does not cause muscle soreness and is safe on joints and growing bones.

Kid's PE™ provides a high calorie burn for fast results.

For further information on PACE Fitness' line of hydraulic fitness equipment for children visit our website.