We Baby Boomers have gotten older. The 50+ group is the fastest growing segment of the US population and by 2030, the elderly population will have doubled. Many of these seniors have never been involved with a fitness program, but are now being told by their doctors to start some type of exercise. Will seniors be attracted to your facility?

What are they looking for?

User Friendly Equipment
Social Factor

Seniors want safe equipment and programs; something easy to do, fun- and that can fit into their daily lives. Seniors love the camaraderie and social aspects of our PACE program. They also love the fitness benefits; we hear senior PACE users says they have more energy, have lost weight, have increased their stamina and flexibility- some are even saying they no longer need medicines (obviously, check with your doctor first!).

Here are a few of our PACE senior facility customers over the years: Senior Fitness Club

  • LE Phillips Senior Center, Eau Claire, WI
  • City of Salem, OR Senior Facility
  • Stay Fit Seniors Wellness Program (multiple locations)
  • Achieva Health, Toronto, Canada
  • Revera Living, Canada (multiple locations)
  • Region of Waterloo Senior Program, Canada
  • Adventist Health, California
  • Friendship Center, Florida
  • Firstenberg Community Center, Washington
  • Village of Suffern, New York