PACE for Rehab/Physiotherapy

PACE's Total Power 3-in-1 Machine is a multi-function conditioning machine engineered primarily for rehabilitation. In a single station, the Total Power 3-in-1 Machine delivers the power of a full gym of equipment. Patients benefit from eight major upper body and lower body exercises, all from a comfortable sitting position. Virtually any category of patient can use the Total Fitness to achieve higher levels of neuromuscular and cardiovascular function.

The Total Power 3-in-1 Machine is ergometrically designed for patient safety and effectiveness. There are no tricky attachments and no cables, pulleys, pins or electricity to worry about.

The Total Power 3-in-1 Machine's accommodating hydraulic resistance is physiologically more effective and improves rehab outcomes by taking the guesswork out of choosing the proper overload. Patients start resistive exercise sooner and train safer than with weight.

Some of the many advantages of PACE hydraulic fitness equipment:

  • Each patient's force velocity curve is perfectly matched throughout their range of motion.
  • Overload automatically adjusts as patients fatigue, greatly improving work-output and muscle endurance.
  • With six levels of resistance, you choose the best functional overload that mirrors actual life speed.
  • Better muscle fiber recruitment enhances neuromuscular re-training, and lays the foundation for faster return to full function.
  • Patients comply with the exercise prescription without fear of muscle soreness.